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Technological advancements in veterinary medicine have made leaps and bounds over the last decade, and particularly in 2020. The way we communicate and interact with our clients, one another, and how certain procedures in a veterinary clinic are conducted has changed dramatically making access to care and convenience a top priority.

Communication with clients, among hospital teams, and management were primarily in person or via telephone when I first started my career in 2008. If there was a concern within the team, we would have a team meeting where all members were required to attend. Notes were taken, and later…

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Over the years, holistic veterinary care services have become more popular and added on as part of many treatment plans. Laser therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic services, and homeopathy are a few of the modalities that have been sought out by pet owners, and even traditional veterinarians. Traditional methods for treating ailments, such as arthritis, anxiety, muscle pain, and more haven’t always sufficed and additional therapeutic treatments can help.

Veterinary medicine is so broad in terms of the treatment options available for pets. Given the advancement of veterinary medicine, there is also an organization focused on holistic care. The American Holistic…

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As pet ownership continues rising, there are also more financial tools to help pet owners with the cost of owning a pet. From the fixed costs, to the unexpected vet bills, owning a pet has become more expensive over the years. Many pet owners adopt a pet for companionship; however, they feel unprepared and alarmed when they find out how much everything a pet needs costs. According to a recent report from the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $95.7 billion on their pets in 2019, which included pet food and treats, supplies, live animals, over-the-counter medication, and vet care…

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As pet ownership becomes more common, and millennials prefer to adopt a pet before starting a family, it’s imperative that we begin educating new pet owners on what to expect when owning a pet. Owning a pet requires more than fulfilling basic care needs. As pet owners, we need to take the time to understand our pets on a deeper, more intuitive level to understand them as a whole. Pets have so much love to give and learn from us, but they also have a lot to teach us about unconditional love, happiness, and intuition or that “gut feeling.”…

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As curbside services in veterinary medicine prevail, the use of online pharmacies for veterinary medications have increased as well. Veterinary pharmaceuticals and common prescriptions aren’t unknown to the online market, and many pet owners have purchased veterinary medications from online pharmacies for many years. As times have changed, consumer purchasing habits have as well. There has been an increase in online shopping, particularly by millennials. By 2022, online sale of pet medications is expected to increase by 5%.

When purchasing veterinary medications and pharmaceuticals online it is important to research the credibility and reputation of online pharmacies.

The veterinary clinic…

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In 2020, COVID-19 has affected almost every industry, and the veterinary industry has also experienced the effects of COVID-19.

In March, veterinary professionals were deemed ‘essential workers’ by the CDC for the treatment and care of pets, and for public health safety. During this time, small animal veterinary clinics witnessed the greatest surge in new patients and requests for veterinary service.

In addition to the current pet parent population, many new pet parents yearned for companionship. Being quarantined and isolated from loved ones, pets provided comfort during the pandemic. Now that many people had the ability to work…

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I started writing mini-stories in January of 2020. When I started planning the content for what would eventually become A Paw Partnership, the stories immediately began to flow. Not just my own stories but also the stories of others in the veterinary industry.

I spent countless hours doing informational interviews and talking with so many people who worked in different roles throughout their veterinary career. Some were veterinarians, veterinary assistants, veterinary technicians, receptionists, veterinary sales reps, dog trainers, and the list goes on. So many people worked in a veterinary hospital, but they all had such different roles when it…

A Paw Partnership came to fruition with simple words of encouragement.

My husband came home one day and told me about a class offered through Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. taught by his professor Eric Koester. In 2017, I was working 10-hour days, which at times amounted to 60-hour work weeks that writing a book wasn’t even on my radar. At the time, I thought why not have the discussion, and maybe one day it could transpire into a resource for those out there who may not be privy to the intricacies of the veterinary industry. I knew there…

Neha Taneja

Author of “A Paw Partnership”

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